Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dandy Dozen Day and Coming Up? Apples!!

Howdy All!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Dandy Dozen Day has come and gone and we had a blast! I think the kids really connected with the number 12!  Here are some pics.
We talked about the different arrangements of 12.
4 rows of 3, 3 rows of 4. 2 rows of 6, 6 rows of 2
...and may have even had a little snack!

I split the kids into groups and each had to find a way to stack 12 of the items in their baskets.

Marshmallows were hard to stack.

Oreo Smores cookies were easy to stack
in a tower of 12!

LOOOOOOVE this!! :)
And we loved Dandy Dozen Day!

Coming up next week with the beginning of fall, we have taken the them of apples and Johnny Appleseed and created a unit which encompasses and integrates all of our objectives for the week. I am sharing the 95 page unit in case you need something in the next couple of weeks!! Here are a few pics of the 
contents .

Lots of math and science!!

If you are interested in this unit, Simply Click HERE!!! :)
That's all I have for now.  I'll be back soon with so much more!!!  Have a wonderful week and don't forget to leave a comment!!
Nancy :)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Celebrating our 10th day!

Howdy All!
I can't believe we are 10 days into our school year already! We have had such a busy beginning of the year, it was nice to take a day and just celebrate the number 10. That's right!  We celebrated 10.  Here are a few pics.
"Fidget With It Friday" lends itself well to showing 10 of something made out of clay.

Using plastic bowling pins helped kids organize all the different ways to make 10

We created a "10 in the Tent" book!

So Tuesday will be our 12th day of school.  I created a quick little unit celebrating a dozen because the kids really seemed to connect with 10 last week.  I can't wait to try some of the things in this mini unit!

The kids will get a kick out of learning about how special the number 12 is, creating a "Dozen Day" book, comparing arrangements of 12, and stacking manipulatives into stacks of 12. Can't wait for Dandy Dozen Day!!   If you think you might want to celebrate Dozen Day, CLICK HERE for your free printable unit!

Well, that's it for now.  I will be back soon to share our small moment writing.  The kids are getting it!!!  They're really getting it!!!
Till next time, thanks for stopping by for a peek through our window on wonder!!  
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Monday, August 29, 2016

First Week Fun

Howdy All!!
WOW!!! One week down already!  We had such an awesome first week. I love my new group of VIK's  so much already! I am so looking forward to my 34th year as a teacher!!!  I wanted to share a few quick pics of our first week.  Most are from our beginning of the year Camping Unit.  I've shared that already, but I'll put another link at the end of this post because I added a couple of things. First off, our cute hallway to welcome the kids!

Similar to what we did several years ago!  But still cute!! Kids' pics included some camping props!!

We got to know each other around our camp fire, made smores and made a little hands on visual.

We Organized our thinking about manners and behavior.

This is just a very small peek into all we have done so far!  There is so much more to come as we learn side by side! 
If you would like that camping unit, CLICK HERE!! :) 

OK!  Stay tuned!  We have just begun!!!
I hope your first week was just as great! 
Thanks for taking time out to take a peek into our little window of wonder!